We’ll be conducting a half-day workshop at the upcoming Australian eLearning Congress in Melbourne. Go to congress webpage for more details. Here’s a summary of our workshop.

Change happens, be ready

The eLearning world is buzzing with all sorts of new and exciting things. Mobile learning, social learning, gamification, experience API, analytics, to name just a few. So, how does an eLearning developer cope with all this change? I could say the answer is “get back to basics”, but I’m not sure we’ve ever been into the basics.

Unlike the software industry that understands the value of processes, standards, reusability, naming conventions and documentation, we eLearning professionals tend to be a little less formal. That’s okay, but perhaps now is a good time to examine how we might better prepare for change.

In this workshop, we’ll examine and discuss many ways to make your eLearning content easier to adapt, reuse, repurpose, maintain, contextualise, localise and improve. In other words…change. We’ll get hands on too, giving you the chance to work through some lesser known processes and walk away with something you can put to work in your own context.

What to expect

We’ll be exploring these topics and more:

  • Wearing the “change” hat.

  • Separating content, presentation and functionality in eLearning development

  • The 3 hottest tips for increasing productivity: reuse, reuse, reuse

  • Loving your documentation (no, really!)

To get the most from this workshop you should bring your own laptop with Adobe Captivate 7 installed, but you don’t need to be a Captivate expert.